In Devon, a family decided to transform their home with the help of Origin’s Bi-folding doors. Upon arriving at the property, you can clearly see why this decision was made. The weather may be wet, cold and typically British, but the view from the property is spectacular: the vast rolling hills are the epitome of Britain’s green countryside. 
The family home has been lived in for fourteen years and originally, there had been no plans to convert. The family had been informed that they would encounter difficulties with planning permission if they ever wished to undertake any major construction work. This was due to the property originally being part of a larger farming plot. 
It wasn’t until the family were hosting a party with a small marquee in the garden following their son’s wedding, when it was pointed out to them that the beautiful view from their garden should be enjoyed every day. With this idea planted and the planning permission overcome, the family envisaged a wall of glass to enable them to view their garden and the stunning view that came with it. This led to the idea of building an oak conversion with Bi-folding doors.  
The search for a perfect door led them to various homebuilding shows to see what was on offer. Origin had been recommended by friends, and these friends were only too happy to show their Origin door which had been installed in a converted garage. 
After seeing just what an Origin door could offer them, the family furthered their research by visiting their local Origin retailer to see what specifications were on offer. Jason at Prime had also been recommended and proved to be extremely helpful and friendly throughout the process. 
The family opted for Anthracite Grey as the colour for their new door, which gives a contemporary feel to the property as well as complementing the colour of the oak. The configuration itself is a 5 door Bi-fold that folds in one direction. This gives an uninterrupted view when open. 
The project itself took a total of six months, and the result is something the family are extremely proud of. No matter what time of year, this space can be enjoyed and the view marvelled upon. The doors will really see their full potential on warm summer days, when there is nothing more joyful than throwing open the doors and enjoying the views of the surrounding landscape. 
This project was shortlisted for Origin's view of the year in 2015. As soon as the competition panel arrived they knew it would be a contender for the top position. Shortly after the panel arrived the decision was made and Barton Barn won the view of the year. Another quality installation! 


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